Words are Gifts

Nature’s Way

All deflated by the spitting

Heads bowed, hopes quashed

Walking slowly, through the sand

Hoping the spots would seize

Still upset, an abrupt end

Walked through the sand

Friends slow down

Searching for lunchboxes

Shouting back to friends,

“We are coming!”

Still drizzling increased,

Jostling enjoyed by a few

Spotted faces of glasses

Time to move faster

Groups tore apart

Careful not to run

Slippery floors

Shiny from afar

Time to climb up

Abrupt end of break

Lost minutes of play


But nature has its way.

2 responses to “Nature’s Way”

  1. I love your ending! The whole poem so beautifully describes the weather’s unfolding.

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  2. This has a wonderful flow to it. I’m trying to make a picture in my mind of what you’re describing and the more times I read it the clearer it becomes. very nice!

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