Words are Gifts

Bashing Greens

A bash of greens 

Hits your eyes

Mesmerises your sight

In pots, on beds, on tables

Standing tall

To the garden

Capture the serene

Changes one’s mood

Heals your being

From God knows where

Plants talk to us

In whispers 

only we can ‘get’

only we can ‘capture’

only we can ‘understand’

An appreciation of what can be

When nurtured to thrive

Their slow movements murmur

Remind us that they are there

They are alive, they breathe.

3 responses to “Bashing Greens”

  1. I love the title–such a strong use of the word, bash!

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  2. Leigh Anne Eck Avatar
    Leigh Anne Eck

    I love the verbs you use in this poem and I feel a change starting with the line “changes one’s mood.” There is such strength in those first lines and then it is like a hush fell over the poem to the end. Beautiful! I am curious if these plants are yours. Thank you for joining this week!

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    1. Thanks Leigh Ann for the prompt . This is my sister’s commercial garden. it’s beside a busy road so the contrast again makes it quite a peaceful, appealing location.


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