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Different Shades of Blue

It’s been a struggle fitting in my long walks this school year. My exercise regime has totally changed. Just pulling a bit here and there, literally. I figured out that waiting for the Saturday morning walk would not suffice, I decided to join S on the very early, morning walk, on the campus , a couple of mornings a week.

Walking early yesterday morning I looked up and saw a lovely crescent . Trying to take a photograph of it, I saw the attractive shades of blue. This reminded me that when we choose to look up we are sometimes delivered with many enticing shades. This morning was one of those days.I tried again to capture what I was aiming for and got it!

Soon after I took that photograph, we came to the end of our two mile walk. There was a bellow and suddenly some spots of rain. The whole place was wet within seconds and that was the start of our day.

3 responses to “Different Shades of Blue”

  1. I love how you celebrate the moments of beauty, Juliette! And I admire your determination to get out walking. I need to do the same!

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  2. It is so hard for me to get walks in too. Maybe I should try a morning walk on campus. I love both of your pictures–the shades of blue in the first and the mon in the second. I am always surprised by what I see when I look up…or down!

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  3. How beautiful! I particularly loved the line “I tried again to capture what I was aiming for and got it!” What a wonderful message!

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