Our Rainy Friend

At this time of the year, we welcome the rain and expect more visits. Like a long lost friend we wait to be reacquainted with the cool breeze it brings and value the hope it gives to plants. The season preceding this is dry, unbearably hot and the air is filled with a dusty haze. That is what makes this a welcome visit.

Although it is not always cool, we look forward to the times we enjoy reams and reams of rain. It comes unannounced with a loud hum, that causes us to shout at each other. I get amazed by the way children get enchanted by the force of the rain, especially when it appears with other guests, thunder and lightening. The loud bang sometimes vibrates indoors.

What we dread are the floods, that can cause damage, most often than not this happens within minutes. Every year we talk about being prepared for the storms but when they come, we are helpless and try to find solutions when it is sometimes too late. We have to be ready for this long lost friend and prepare for his or her arrival. It is when we are not prepared that it can damage and cause havoc to our environment.

The expectation of this guest leaves a soothing and gratifying aura especially knowing that we will soon be swamped by the cool breeze in the mornings and evenings whilst we embrace the pitter patter on the roof tops.

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9 thoughts on “Our Rainy Friend

  1. Our rainy season is still a few months away, but your words made me remember rain fondly. I love the sound of rain on a roof and one of my favorite things about my bedroom in Berlin was that it overlooked a tin roof and I often heard the pitter patter.

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  2. You, with this dreamy writing voice! How do you do that? I love the images and sounds you call up in this post. I have a bad habit of not paying attention and preparing for extreme weather. I wonder how long it would take me to adapt to an annual cycle of rains like this … or if I would adapt at all or just always be the foolish neighbor everyone points to as I run around trying to get my act together after the rains have come.

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  3. This so beautiful, with so much sensory detail, such well-chosen words. Love the tone! I’ve lived inland (like central USA) and coastal, and the smell and feel of the rain is so different. Inland it comes over the land and carries a “dirt” smell with it. Along the coast, it comes from the ocean and has the fresh almost saltiness to it. In any case, I always love the rain. I love how the trees and plants are refreshed. Now, floods? We always choose to live on high places above the creeks and canyons.

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