Akwaaba- Welcome Back

Akwaaba- Welcome Back

I am excited to be slicing today. In Ghana we say ‘Akwaaba’ which means welcome back. My third year of slicing, this makes me feel so good. The benefits have been extensive. Writing daily, which never happened in my world, but now it comes easily, this appreciated thanks to slicing.

I look around me daily and I see so many things, events and topics I can capture and write extensively about. I was really excited yesterday but had the jitters remembering the first on March, so I decided to write a list of things I saw on my way to work.

The list is extensive and I now have to look for stories, description, poetry and compelling ways to put them on paper, elaborating so it makes you enjoy my ride with me.

Just like this ride I hope we all have a great time being the writers we are. It is amazing how words spew out when we get started. Let’s enjoy each others’ words and worlds this month, akwaaba.

slice-of-life_individual  Screen Shot 2019-03-01 at 5.52.07 AM

12 thoughts on “Akwaaba- Welcome Back

  1. Thanks for welcoming us! Akwaaba is a beautiful word. I like the way you descibed words as spewing out. Once we turn on our writing taps, we never might know what comes out. I look forward to stepping in your shoes this month. Thanks for inspiring our teachers here in Ghana to write with you this month.

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  2. Ahh, this post is beautiful, because it is vulnerable! I am also a 3rd year slicer :-), so akwaaba! I love this community because of its support and bountiful ideas (like making a list of all you see on the way to work!). Here’s to March!

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  3. Hi Juliette! You are so right–slicing has definitely heightened my noticing of the little things, the small moments. Here’s to a great month together!

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  4. Looking forward to stopping by throughout the month and reading your slices! This one is so … peaceful is first word that comes to mind, but also soothing, somehow. Your writing voice is very calming, and I love that. Thank you!

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