Words are Gifts

The Visitor Came


Through the gloomy

Dusk we knew

He would be here.

The sound

Of the wind

Alerted us

The cool breeze

Was well received

Drops that

Hit the window

Greeted us

The trees swaying

Welcoming the rain

The tear stained glass

Shared the arrival

Signs of

The visitor’s




15 responses to “The Visitor Came”

  1. Ahhh, I can feel the arrival, so vividly painted. It sounds like it was long awaited.

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  2. Great images. The tear stained glass.

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  3. I love the way you built suspense and even a bit of mystery in this short poem. I assumed the visitor was an animal. Great job building this up.

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  4. What a slow and descriptive poem. I assumed it might be weather that was arriving.

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  5. I’m so glad I read your previous post on anxiously awaiting the rain. It made this poem that much more enjoyable knowing a bit of your background and relationship with “the visitor.” This was awesome. I think you inspired me to try a post writing in this style. Keep up the great work!

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  6. I was hooked, trying to figure out who the visitor was. Glad you got it!

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  7. Lovely tribute to the coming of rain. This is a great sequel to your earlier post about waiting for the visitor. I think linking the two posts would be wonderful for your readers. LIke: “The sound / the wind,” “Trees swaying / welcoming the rain,” “The tear stained glass.” They evoke vivid images.

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  8. Since I’ve read your posts, this totally makes sense! I’m so glad the rain is a visitor you were happy to see! I love the imagery your poetry provides the reader- so engaging! 🙂

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  9. Woah, goosebumps here J. Well written, and your use of spacing helped me to pace myself properly while reading.

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  10. Love the imagery of rain being a visitor. I read this line several times in delight: The tear stained glass shared the arrival.

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  11. I would love for this visitor to visit us. In fact it is welcome to come and stay for a while. This poem had a a very peaceful feeling.

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  12. What a beautiful, mysterious poem! I love it!

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  13. i could feel that rush of breeze before the drops.

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  14. This was a beautiful poem! It was so descriptive I could see myself waiting for “the visitor”.

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