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Before the Maker Faire

Wednesday – 27th March

Have you ever organized an event at school which got all the community excited for over three months? A few teachers at our school did just that.

Weeks before our Maker Faire I received emails from parents asking about the schedule, whether they should only come and watch their children, whether they have to be present when their child is setting up in the morning and so many other questions.

Days before the event I received emails from students sharing how nervous they are and asking if I would go and register with them in the morning.

What about the quick writes two Mondays ago, which let the secret out?  Students shared their time visiting each other over the weekend and after school to plan, experiments and build. Bringing unlikely partnerships together. Some taking advantage of spending playdates in each others’ homes. The friendships developed by a shared idea are commendable.

One such partnership made an extreme change in the behavior of some members of the team. This happened because the team would not think it right if some members carried on as before. Positive changes, positive relationships and we are yet to see the innovation that has been developed by the sheer positivity.

This event reinforces the power of choice, innovation and play. Most students see this as an extension of play as they are given the opportunity to choose what to make. It makes me think of Genius Hour when it is well conducted exposing the benefits it brings to the class, students and teacher. Getting to know students’ interests, partnerships and possibly using that to enhance collaboration in future classroom activities.


The frenzy at school began early in the morning of Thursday 28th March.

This is what R shared with me.

“What time did I even call you?” R had sent me a message about how nervous she is.

“I did not even go down for dinner, because I was not hungry.” – R

A talking to L from the other class.

“Did you read my message?”- A

“I replied but I was half asleep.” -L

 Another student (S) from a different class working with my student (G).

“Ms. Juliette I am feeling nervous and excited.”- S

G appears.

They hug each other.

“My dad is will bring all the stuff at 11.” – G

S- looked worried.

B in my class showing off his programmed robot.

“Ms. J, he made a robot!”  Another student reported.

“How does it move?” I asked.

“Watch.” B said proudly.

“Oh, here we go, here we go.” B singing.

His brother from a lower grade arrives sporting his Make Faire T-Shirt.

“Watch this- freeeeeeeeeee.”

A ball shoots out of the robot’s hand.


7 responses to “Before the Maker Faire”

  1. Loved how you start with exposition, then put us in the moment with dialogue. I can really sense the excitement!

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  2. This sounds awesome! Can’t wait to hear how it all goes!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. You captured the event well. You helped me understand what it felt like as a teacher and student. I like the way you share the dialogue and let the reader interpret the message. I also saw the robot and the interplay between brothers.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Love the way you crafted the form of this piece. As a teacher, this line caught my attention: “This event reinforces the power of choice, innovation and play.” That make is more than worthy of all the time and effort.

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  5. amyludwigvanderwater Avatar

    Oh, what a gift to these students! They will never forget this – the joy of making is inside all of us, and we all need opportunities to explore and create. You made this come alive. xx

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  6. How exciting for all involved.

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  7. What a wonderful time for all. Love teacher dedication! Great perspectives from students and parents.

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