The Workmen

I turned around and saw the most beautiful image. A sight that spelt commitment, reliance and hard work. I observed the gentlemen clad in their blue overalls at a distance, always present, available to keep our school compound clean and presentable. They appear after the rains, when meals are over, after the lawn is freshly mowed and also on windy days when the leaves are scattered all over campus.

Glad they have been noticed again, this time handed sun hats on these extremely sunny days. I spotted this image from a distance, one I have never seen before and in gratitude I asked my colleague to take a couple of photographs, for me to celebrate them. This image, is a reminder that we are all important and so are our roles, relevant to make our community and our environment tick.







9 thoughts on “The Workmen

  1. Great tribute to the staff that keep your school humming. This would make a great writing activity for young writers to consider the roles of all the people in their school community and what they do to make the school great.

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  2. Great images to remind us to appreciate the hard work of all of those who make our environment pleasant. Thank you for reminding us to thank them.

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  3. Great piece! It has me thinking you’re a contented person who appreciates everything around her. Because you notice and thank the people we might easily pass by, you must notice and be grateful for other things in life that others would take for granted. Cheers to you for bringing that energy to the world!

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  4. I love the colors in the photo-the green grass, dark coveralls, yellow hats. You have written several times about people in your community and their work, and I enjoy seeing them through your appreciative eyes.

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