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Me Da Mo Ase (Thank You Everyone)

This month I have done a few things I have never done before. I have kept my small notebook with my paper mate flair to organize myself. As a welcome wagon for five new slicers, I have been able to record the dates of my comments in order to keep me on course.


My word document has also been ready to capture ideas, impressions and potential trials. I must say this has been helpful for me as I have managed to use my organization to benefit myself and my learners. Here are two examples:

Learning from ideas, my students created the sketch notes of their weekend in their Writers’ Notebook. The second example, guided by litcoachlady’s day 22’s slice, my students wrote docu- poems after watching a BBC Climate change video.

There are many more ideas I have read about that are ingrained in my being and my call for work. That is why I am indebted to the Two Writing Teachers SOLSC, for this treasure trove I have become a part of. I believe this is one of the most enlightening activities I have taken part in.

My new community, the many friends whose visits I look forward to. The feeling I get when I read the comments from them is extra-ordinary, they help me be the writer that I am growing to be. The comments shed light on some of what I thought about and sometimes take me places I can now go. I thank you all. I am vowing to join the Tuesday SOLSC, as the more I write and read others’ stories the better teacher and writer I am becoming.

Thank you to my colleagues who joined us as the word spread at school, Kay, Darren, Sylvia, Tenkoramah, Mary and many potential teachers who have vowed to join next year. This has been PHENOMENAL!

In Ghana we say medaase or meda mo ase (meaning thank you, everyone).



10 responses to “Me Da Mo Ase (Thank You Everyone)”

  1. Thank you, too, for adding your voice. It has been a good month.

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  2. It sounds like you’ve gotten what we all hope to achieve through this challenge–writing practice and inspiration for teaching writing in the classroom. I’m a Tuesday Slicer as well; looking forward to reading your posts throughout the year!

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  3. There are so many ideas out there and we learn so much from each other which is one thing that makes this challenge so exciting and rewarding. I enjoyed reading your posts throughout the month.

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  4. Thanks for sharing and thanks for the making the time to provide thoughtful comments and feedback.

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  5. Thank you for the shout out! I hope to read more about your students’ use of notebook pages. This month does wonders for my teaching because of the engagement and excitement surrounding learning from others. I have learned a lot about you and your teaching through your slices. All the best to you and thank you again for all your support in the comment section.

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  6. Can’t wait to try some of the things I’ve learned from your posts. Thank you!

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  7. I love that you are spreading this gift and rallying others. I have enjoyed learning about teaching/living in a different country from reading your writing.

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  8. You were an inspiration to me J, thanks so much for this, I’ll treasure it as I grow, for certain. Keep writing, and inspiring, you have a talent and GIFT for seeing the world with fresh eyes.

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  9. It’s been such an honor to have our worlds combine. You are an inspiration. Thank you and I want to look into this Tuesday opportunity. medaase

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  10. Thank you for being part of the challenge! I’ve enjoyed your posts, and wish I’d been able to read more this month. I look forward to continuing to check in on your blog, to hearing your wonderful writing voice!

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