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Our (fourth graders’) field trip to an NGO (Non-Governmental Organization) that provides parks for children and is an advocate for play, the arts and learning through play, today set me thinking deeply about giving back.

We visited them on their extensive private park in the suburb of Accra, where nature is celebrated. Large trees, plants, seesaws and climbing frames built from tree trunks, bamboo, mud walls and beautified re-useable materials lived there. Birds tweeted throughout the time we visited, a few lizards sashayed along the natural paths that swirled around the park and dry leaves flew around as if they were being sprinkled on us.

The speech made by the owner’s daughter me think about:

-What I can do for humanity.

-What I can give back in terms of my skills.

-The time I can give.

-The limited resources I have that can be shared.

-The ideas I can offer.

Whilst listening I thought how fortunate we are and had the urge to give back to my local community. This feeling was enhanced by the different projects and activities this organization partakes in. I left the speech, feeling very subdued, thinking seriously about being a philanthropist and serving the needy. They showed me it can be done and how. Serving others seemed to be a joy for this family and they had given back for many decades. Their supporters noticed the good work they had began and continued to wave their flag.

I know our students left feeling like me, appreciative of the good in humanity, especially as they also got to enjoy the space for sometime!

3 responses to “Thoughts”

  1. There is such a good feeling when giving back to community and others. We all should be looking at how we can give back.

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  2. Giving back. Sharing. Supporting. Sometimes it is in “big” ways. Often it is in “small” ways. Just a thought… reflect on all the ways you are already giving back… I dare say there are many having read your post for the past month. I just think we can’t teach and parent without giving back. So reflect and go for the “little” ways… because in them a “big” way will find you.

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  3. What a positive experience for your students! Learning to give back and be appreciative are two important life lessons that are often not learned/understood by many. Starting young is definitely going to help your students on the path to being important members of the community. Thank you for your slice, as always!

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