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Celebrating Mothers

The day started, like any other Sunday. A light breakfast of bagel cream cheese and a few olives, washed down with a steaming cup of hot chocolate. The powdered chocolate from cocoa grown in the rain forests of Ghana. Pure, refined and slightly bitter. It was creamy and had a sweet aroma. I glanced at my phone and noticed I had many messages from all my cherished children and dear friends wishing me a, ‘Happy Mother’s Day’. I felt special. I had to share the feeling with my mothers, so I sent my mother-in-law and a few mentors messages of love and encouragement for this journey of parenting.

I then got ready for church, and remembered there was an event after lunch. I took my two choices of clothing with matching shoes and accessories, just in case one was not right.

After church, I stopped at my sister’s, joined the family for lunch and prepared for the Mother’s Day Garden-Tea Party. Many events in my life create images that stick and this was one of them. A colorful group of ladies, some familiar others not so familiar. We chatted and got acquainted with each other before settling down to a menu of delights. The youthful band surprised us with familiar music that sounded so perfect and mellow. It is only when you actually turned to see the band that you realized the music was live.

Meanwhile the setting was just extraordinary. Tables of two, four six and more had been set. With waiters at our beck and call. Mother’s being pampered. The garden was plush, I have grown to appreciate plants and ‘greenery’ so much. The garden had been cleverly nurtured, with a hut-like thatched roof of green palm branches. There was a mix of realistic looking artificial flowers for the décor, however there were beautifully colored roses as the center pieces on the plushly laid tables.

When we found our table, ‘Peach Tea’, none of the guests were seated. Soon after that, a few ladies joined us. The conversation started. The waiters served the most exotic tasting cold tea and kept refilling our glasses. They delivered the three courses on tiered servers. It seems scanty but definitely a delight to see and taste. It was filling, many choices, sweet and savory.

A remarkable experience. The sheer exuberance of the exquisitely dressed mothers or mothers to be. An escapade I am sure I will look forward to next year. Thanks to the organizers, like my children, this will live with me for a very long time.

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8 responses to “Celebrating Mothers”

  1. OH my goodness. This sounds like incredible loveliness. The way you describe the colorfulness of both the decor and the company. What a wonderful place to be and something to look forward to next year too!

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  2. Thank you for sharing!

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  3. You really made this moment come to life, igniting all the senses! I could almost taste that chocolate… a scrumptious slice!

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  4. A Mother’s Day Garden-Tea Party sounds divine! It reminds me a bit of what I did for my daughter when she recently turned 10. (It was a tea party for just the two of us and both of her grandmothers. It was a special memory.)

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  5. Your description is so rich, I could picture each part of the experience. But, your use of short sentences is what I noticed – they force the reader to pause and imagine. Such a lovely memory!

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  6. Wonderful moments that will be a part of you . Thank you for sharing 🙂

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  7. That sounds like a well-deserved day of pampering, joy and camaraderie. Thank you for sharing this slice!

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  8. Sounds delightful, Juliette. I love a nice tea party. Thanks for taking us along with you. So glad you were celebrated!


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