The Sun


This photograph was taken on my way to work.

Can you see the sun?

It is hiding behind the tree.

In the distance peering at us

Hoping to give us some light

Reminding us of what we have

An  extraordinary inheritance

An enchanting delivery

I was able to capture

This inheritance

That stands out

Let’s appreciate 

The present

And revere it.

Nature gives us so much beauty. I never ever saw it that way as a child, but now that I am older I appreciate what is around me. 




8 thoughts on “The Sun

  1. Your post immediately made the song “Hard Sun” by Eddie Veder pop into my mind. I also thought about all the things I missed while traveling in my younger years and how I wish I could go back and pay closer attention to it all.

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  2. What an incredible photograph to write from. We have to look closely and pay attention to see the sun. The metaphor of “inheritance” is so powerful here. Like you, I barely paid attention to the beauty of nature when I was a child, but the older I get, the more important it is to me.

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  3. Yes. A reminder to look at the sky. To take in the beauty we see. To pay attention as we look about.

    I also love the idea that we need to appreciate “the present” – both the gifts that are bestowed upon us AND the time that we have, right here, right now.

    Absolutely beautiful. Thank you!


  4. As others have said, I also was captured by the word inheritance. My son longs for the sun when it’s dark. Your idea of it being delivered to us each day is magical. Just think, we all witness the same sun but in such a myriad of ways.

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