Standing on the scale caused a gentle awakening.

Trying a low carbohydrate diet has not been easy. I take advantage of being busy and ignore the hunger pangs that will not leave my side. My friend invites me and insists on helping with a plan that works.

“You can do it,” she guides.

I have never been a regimental person and know this will be difficult. I think she knows that too, so I receive an email or two, followed by a whatsapp message as a reminder for me to check the recipes, she thoughtfully sent. 

A phone call to make sure I am walking or skipping as promised. 

“Maybe I’ll start next week ,” I persuade myself.

So far, I have been deliberately eating many juicy tropical fruits, in different forms. Smoothies, chunks, slices and whole. I enjoy the assortment. In my head I know I am getting different vitamins and minerals but the carbohydrates!

Breakfast works, a hot healthy meal at lunch, sometimes a salad and a light dinner with just vegetables and low fat protein. I am a late sleeper, by  nine pm temptation visits. It draws me and insists I visit the kitchen. I have resisted but I know one day I may give in. 

I know my friend will call soon, so I will keep my word and ignore the pangs. 



7 thoughts on “Temptation

  1. The late night treat is so hard to resist! Thank goodness for friends to keep us on track (she says as she has a glass of wine and some nuts…)

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  2. I always remember healthy snacks in your classroom. As long as fresh papaya, bananas and peanuts are allowed, you will survive. As for late night cravings… not sure. You are beautiful, no need to suffer too much.

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