Mother Ghana

I have been thinking about a slice that would help me celebrate Ghana, as it is the anniversary of her Independence day today, 6th March. I have stated before how I have been looking closely at my environment since I started writing. On my walk about at school this drawing caught my eye. 

An exquisite chalk drawing of mother Ghana, drawn by our lower elementary Art teacher yesterday, to celebrate the day. I asked her assistant if I could take a photograph of it and sent a message to ask the teacher if I could share her picture. With her permission, I am sharing this:


This drawing represents many facets of where I am. The culture: flag, colorful fabrics, beads, food and clothes. My interpretation of the woman is mother Ghana, representing its people. I am connecting this to melissaroosh‘s interpretation and comment about theatre in her slice. I have also started to look for ‘magic’ in the Arts.




7 thoughts on “Mother Ghana

  1. Happy Independence Day! Beautiful drawing from Tjasa. A mother is the perfect metaphor for Ghana. It will feed you until you can’t eat anymore, it loves you no matter what, and up you will never be cold in it’s arms. Thanks for sharing your slices from your part of the world. Missing you!

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  2. Hey J! You brought so much to me through this slice – remembering my affection for both your artist, for Mother Ghana, and you for your watchful eye. Enjoy the day and Happy Independence! 🙂

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