Words are Gifts

Shattered Dream

Counting down

Looking forward


Memories driving

That need

Imagination helping

Complete it


Dim Lights

Rich aromas

Gloved hands

Like a surgery


Tiny portions

Colorful rendition

Different levels

Sit up, sit down


All halted

With a bang


Expectation quashed


Like a plate thrown


The dream 


A dear friend planned a dinner date with myself and others to a Japanese restaurant. She had to cancel because she had another engagement. I only had a piece of paper to scribble. This is what appeared to ease the disappointment.


8 responses to “Shattered Dream”

  1. The build-up and let down were clear. Well done. I get it.

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  2. Wow! You really captured the feeling of anticipation and then sudden disappointment- the image of the plate was perfect. I hope you get to reschedule soon!

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  3. There is nothing worse than missing out on some delicious food. Wonderful job capturing this feeling in such a unique way.

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  4. I love how you describe the anticipation of the event and how all of a sudden it falls flat. I hope you’ll be able to reschedule

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  5. What a bummer. I hate when that happens.

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  6. The power of writing! It captures feelings and thoughts expertly. Kudos, Ms. J.


  7. A scrap of paper is all we need. In a poem I once wrote “It’s through my pen I wind release”. Your slice captures that, well, poetically. You captured that dissappointment perfectly.

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