What Was Going On?

Excitement, frustration, disappointment, perseverance and achievement, in that order. These are some of my feelings and attitudes I have faced as I prepare for online teaching. The aim is not to give up or feel you can’t, as everything is possible when you persist.

This morning, I was extremely worried as I could not join a Zoom meeting on Monday evening. I had joined Zoom a few times at home for courses and meetings.

What was going on?

Why could I not access it?

What was I doing wrong?

I called up a colleague who willingly came by to help. We tried hot spotting and using all that we know. She helped me put an extension on my page, so I could easily access the page when it started working. It was all too technical for me, so I just followed her guide.

Later on I reached out to our Information Technology support. I got hold of them. Many emails, phone calls, photos and messages sent by Whats app later, following his lead, I managed to fix it. Don’t ask me if it was a network, broadband, application problem or whatever else, I still don’t know. All that I am happy about is that Zoom is bookmarked and I’m ready to join a meeting soon.


6 thoughts on “What Was Going On?

  1. Hey J, I feel your pain and definitely empathize. We’ve been Zooming for a bit now and it definitely takes practice. I have faith you’re going to be a whiz in no time. 🙂

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  2. Working from home casts us in the role of tech support as well as teacher and homemaker. I wonder if my home feels enough like a cool studio–a professionally casual space. When I was teleconferencing with someone in the tropics during the Polar Vortex, I dramatically turned the gas fireplace on and strategically placed my laptop so it could be seen in the background. All the best with your zooms!

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  3. We will be doing some Zoom meetings here soon. The anticipation for it is not good. I have a hearing loss so it can be quite difficult for me to make out what people are saying without seeing their lips. With everyone at home, this will be even more difficult. Good luck with your zooms!

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