Early This Morning

This history making is really alarming especially because it is all over world.

My body doesn’t know what is happening and is still functioning the same way. It is interesting how I am able to wake up within  the same range of time every morning, as if I’m to get ready for school. I guess that happens to many of us.

This morning when I turned ready to get out of bed it was 5.27am, 5.30am is my normal time. I have been awake ever since. I have decided to make the most of this time as sleep will not come back to me. That is why I am sitting here typing my slice for today.

I have many other things to do but I chose to type my slice. I like the silence, the quiet space I crave, I can only hear the whizz of the ceiling fan and some birds tweeting in the distance. Once in a while, I hear a low click. I only have the light I need on. It is dark in the hallway and I like that feeling. The only sign of daylight comes to me when I turn to the right and look through the glass partition to the kitchen and window.


I chose the sofa for it’s comfort and managed to stretch my legs on the leather covered bean bag. Before settling , I grabbed one of E’s throws so I would be snug and relaxed. I don’t normally write here, but I am enjoying the way the sofa is drawing me in and the cool air the fan is throwing over my head. I will do this again. 

Oops I just heard another click. Who is awake?

Can you believe I have the television staring at me, tempting me to turn it on and find out what else is filling our history?

I am not going to give in till I draw from this space I am enjoying so much.It surely is the peacefulness too.

I can hear more tweeting. Are the birds migrating or just waking too? 

It is 6.10am now and time for a hot drink.



14 thoughts on “Early This Morning

  1. When I retired, I thought that I would sleep late every morning. Nope. I still awaken around 5:30 every morning.
    I, too, love the quiet of the early morning. You capture it well.

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  2. The quiet of the morning is my favorite time of day. When school’s going, I wake up at 4:30 so I have an hour to write. Even in the summer I’m usually up by 5:30 at the latest. The sounds seem quietly amplified at that time and each new sound is like the day stirring, soon to wake.

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  3. The early hours of the morning is one of my favorite times to write. I could easily picture you writing in the comfortable space that you describe as you listen to the quiet morning sounds around you and enjoy the moments before the world begins to wake. Great slice!

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  4. The details you use to describe this scene have a calming effect on readers. Love the emphasis on quiet. I was hoping for a photo and see Brown Girl Dreaming on the sofa. Wonderful book.

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  5. 5:30 is sleeping in for me since I usually get up before 5 a.m. However, there is nothing sweeter than the difference between “have to” and “okay, why not?”

    Just heard of the first death in our state. I’m grappling with the luxury of these mornings and the brutal reality of the virus.

    Thanks for sharing the quiet of the morning.

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  6. I love this as you broke away from your routine time and place to write. ‘click’ I usually write late but occasionally enjoy getting the chance to write in the morning. We’re all going to be breaking from routine for a long time. ‘click’ Loved your clicks. 🙂

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