This afternoon, I am sitting here wondering what to write. There is so much going on out there. There is talk of a possible lockdown. Everybody has stocked up, just in case. Social media is rife with many speculations. I am here waiting to hear what the Ghanaian government has decided.

At home, I am cocooned in my cool room, my makeshift office ready for distance learning, another hurdle, we are ready to win. I have read in other media how we have to be calm at such uncertain times. That will not come naturally in my world now, I continue to encourage myself with a proverb my mother used to profess, in twi (Ghanaian language).

“Ahohoo baa ye aa  o  be ko.”

Translation is, “A visitor will by all means return.”

I believe this will all end soon.



3 thoughts on “Uncertainty

  1. We are in unchartered water during these stressful times. I relate to this post because I am leaning on my mentors, my anchors as well. I like how you added your mother’s proverb. May we return to normalcy soon. Meanwhile, take care.

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