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This afternoon, I am sitting here wondering what to write. There is so much going on out there. There is talk of a possible lockdown. Everybody has stocked up, just in case. Social media is rife with many speculations. I am here waiting to hear what the Ghanaian government has decided.

At home, I am cocooned in my cool room, my makeshift office ready for distance learning, another hurdle, we are ready to win. I have read in other media how we have to be calm at such uncertain times. That will not come naturally in my world now, I continue to encourage myself with a proverb my mother used to profess, in twi (Ghanaian language).

“Ahohoo baa ye aa  o  be ko.”

Translation is, “A visitor will by all means return.”

I believe this will all end soon.



3 responses to “Uncertainty”

  1. We are in unchartered water during these stressful times. I relate to this post because I am leaning on my mentors, my anchors as well. I like how you added your mother’s proverb. May we return to normalcy soon. Meanwhile, take care.

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  2. The whole situation really does make you sit and wonder what to write, because your mind is so consumed by everything else. Good luck with whatever lies ahead for you. Stay safe.

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  3. Take care and be safe. Yes, this will end as it must


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