I crave;

  • Waking up at the 5.30 am to get ready for school
  • Making sure my 7th grader gets to the car on time
  • Getting to school and clocking in at the security gate
  • Stopping and chatting with colleagues about their weekend
  • Saying Good morning to Ms. J next door and quickly going over the day’s lessons
  • Settling at my table and turning on some quiet classical music
  • Shrieking good morning to my students as they place their rucksacks in their cubbies and run off to play
  • P walking to me with his writers’ notebook to complete his work
  • A chatting about something interesting that happened over the weekend
  • G asking if there is anything she can help with
  • Our principal passing through to share some new information or remind us about something or the other
  • The sounds of students playing Four-Square outside
  • A whiff from the caterers of something savory being prepared for lunch

   Until suddenly:

I hear the rhythmic instrumental composed by our music teacher calling all to our Village Square (Our daily morning assembly on the badminton court outside the Elementary classes). The sound comes to life by a couple of randomly picked students singing live with their shrill voices, using a microphone; Agooo, Ameeee, Agooo, Ameeee. Our daily local call and answer. I miss that sound so much! It invites us all to come together as an Elementary School. These are some of the images that are so precious, part of a culture we have been developing as a school.

As I remember them, I am sure students will also crave the togetherness and hearty start of our school day.



9 thoughts on “Mornings

  1. For months now, a teaching colleague who has been working to certify as a principal has arrived at school earlier than me (and I get there early) to prep his day and do administrative work for his practicum and his first act is to “sneak” into the music room and play piano with the lights off the classroom. I hear him as I walk by. Often, I’ll pause outside the dark classroom, just to listen. I’m missing the moments like that.

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  2. The things I miss most I am trying to recreate. We are having Morning meeting and read aloud via Zoom, but there are so many little things, like the ones you so beautifully describe, that we cannot recreate.

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  3. Your slice reminds us of all the things we now miss. Love the list you’ve compiled. It is probably something we should all do to help us remember the things we loved about the physical presence of our students, colleagues, administrators, and friends.

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  4. Yes! And I crave:
    -my principal’s goofy morning announcements
    -the hugs and dance parties my students and I would share upon dismissal
    -the chocolate in the copy room
    -the hallway “how do you do” chats
    -lunch in the teacher room

    And like you, I am anxious to continue as much of that community in this absence, and more anxious to get back once again.

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