Home and Away

Through my teaching resource research, I discover many treasures, one of the best is Window Swap. Watching the videos transported me all around the world and back. I am an inquisitive learner,  an inquirer and this was really inspiring. I just love searching and finding. That is what I always want to wake up to, different challenges to my learning exploration that helps me thrive. This one was new and fresh, just like the aroma of fresh brewed coffee, filling my life and occupying that gap.   

Allowing a person to stay at one place whilst enjoying a different  environment. There really is something extraordinary in the exploratory feeling. Especially knowing that some places are similar to where you but still makes your environment still appealing. It actually reaffirms my love for where I am and entices me to be elsewhere at the same time. The push and pull of our lives.

Even the sounds I heard on the Window-Swap, were either captivating and reassuring or inviting and reminiscing. What also moved me is the domination of nature, beauty that has no bounds. This also applies to the other places not so close to home, but close enough to drive to. 

Where I am in Ghana, that would be the beaches. It is obvious we do not take enough advantage of the expanse of our beaches. The serenity it draws and the wonder of the whole environment. I am always stunned by the sea, shores, different creatures, shells, sand, the smells ,the saltiness of the sea and the breeze.

We live in a wonderful world.

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4 thoughts on “Home and Away

  1. Wow – window swap is so cool! Thanks for sharing this resource! I love the way you describe yourself as inquisitive and waking up every day to a new discovery – I felt that way when I looked through the windows. I could almost feel the breeze and smell the grass. Thank you.

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