The warmth of the past

Refreshed in a way only 

You can experience here

in this space.


Not exactly memories

But an inexplicable peace

That surrounds you

With the sights and sounds

Of the past you behold.


Only you can drift into

That space

Where the beauty and

enjoyment of now is held.


Life can be beautiful when the past merges with ‘that’ now. The feeling you capture that you do not want to let go, but stretch till the day comes to an abrupt end when you revere that space.

Screenshot 2020-07-14 at 10.50.00 PM.png




6 thoughts on “Reminiscing

  1. That “inexplicable peace” you describe is such a wonderful thing. I believe I’ve experienced what you’re describing in this poem, and it’s such a pleasure. Thank you for this poem.

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  2. It is wonderful to take a few moments and let our thoughts drift back to some of those memories.
    I love the first stanza! I copied some of those lines into my notebook where I record golden lines! Thank you for those beautiful words.

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  3. I love this … you created such space in this poem that the reader is transported to whatever space brings us peace. These lines – “With the sights and sounds
    Of the past you behold.” provide a spark I will follow. Thank you for sharing.

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