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Welcome Crow

Welcome crow,

You are back again.

Your piercing caw disturbs me whilst I attend my Zoom meetings.

Are you with your friends?

The cawing sounds louder and closer.  There must be something on the mango tree that keeps inviting you. I am tempted to shut my window but that will block the light breeze.

How can I let you know you are disturbing?

When are you going to stop cawing?

I am considering moving my cluttered desk to a different spot in the house.

Hmmm, I am reluctant to do that though, maybe I will just shut the window and leave you to enjoy your space.

My Thoughts

This may be the beginning of my research about crows. Since COVID 19, I’ve been hearing many more crows, their screeches have become regular. I have many questions and believe my search for answers will lead me to a whole new world of  tropical birds .I am not sure if I am ready for that.

Screenshot 2020-08-18 at 10.47.59 PM.png

4 responses to “Welcome Crow”

  1. Juliette, I love that you welcome the crow despite the disturbing nature of that feathered visitor! Crows are absolutely fascinating birds and there is so much to learn about them. Even if you’re not ready, dive in!

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  2. Crows are my favourite birds. I really enjoyed reading this lovely piece. Thank you for sharing it.

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  3. I feel like I have heard fewer crows here in Virginia. Sometimes so many would be in our tree, we’d call it a “crow convention.” I like how you spaced your writing of this story.

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  4. Juliette, it’s so interesting how COVID19 has made us more aware of things in nature. I would love to hear how your research goes and what you find out. Now, you can’t move your desk or close the window! LOL!

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