Words are Gifts

This Morning

I am:

Suffering because of the weight of possibilities

Satisfied as I believe I can seek support

Avoiding any negative thoughts or doubts

Tired although I know I can give off my best

Hungry and looking forward to a healthy breakfast

Grateful for the numerous opportunities

Concerned about the detail required

Ready to face my LIFE now

Thank you Ms. Victor for this format.


5 responses to “This Morning”

  1. The line that strikes me most: “Concerned about the detail required.” That encompasses so much. I feel a shift from heaviness to lightness in this poem; perhaps more of a balance in forward motion. I cling to the courage in it!

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  2. Yes very positive and just ready to face the day after a healthy breakfast! I like the format.

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  3. YES! What I like about this poem is the underlying idea that we can be and feel so very many things all at the same time. I’m never quite sure lately how to answer the question “how are you?,” and this poem strikes me as one wonderful way to do it.

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  4. ” tired although I know I can give off my best”…

    I love this line and can definitely relate. I love how you continued to build on the positive. Whatever it is you are facing, You Got This!!!

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