An Ode to My Backpack

A true blessing

You have come

to save me

From trudging

all my belongings daily

to and fro and now 

up and down 

the steep stairs

A true blessing

You take the weight 

off me, it now feels

as light as a feather

as if 

nothing lives there

This makes me 

understand why

My African mothers 


By carrying their 

hefty babies 

On their backs

You’re a Godsend,

I tell my colleagues

‘Get one, use it 

and you

Will attest to it’s benefits’

My dependable backpack

‘Experience it and see’

I brag to my colleagues

‘You will surely notice

The difference’

‘Drop that basket,’ I

announce,’and pick

up a backpack’

Why did I not 

meet you earlier?

They did not tell me you 

Could make my life so


Now that I know this

We are going to be

Together for Good!

Thank you my hardy



11 thoughts on “An Ode to My Backpack

  1. I am a backpack fan as well! My school backpack began as our ‘diaper bag’. The mesh on one outside pocket is ripped, as a precursor to the end of its functionality that will have to come one day. When that does happen I wonder if I need to subtract this year of being at home from the years I attribute to its life of service.

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  2. It’s funny- I was a bag carrier for years, then backpacks for many more, now back to bags, but the other day I got my backpack back out and then we went online…I LOVE my Osprey backpack and could write an ode to it. You have inspired me!

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  3. A principal once told me that our papers make a lot of trips meaning that we don’t have to carry so much when we look at it so little. I have heard that a backpack is so much better for you physically than those tote bags. I have so many of each along with a cart…

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  4. I need to think more often about playing with formats in my writing, so thank you for reminding me of that. This makes me think back to my school days. The sling over one shoulder phase was in and then became the wear on both shoulder phase which was so much more comfortable!

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  5. Nice! It certainly must be much more comfortable to carry your things in a backpack than in a basket. I hope you can convince some of your colleagues.

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  6. When my children were babies I had a backpack as a diaper bag. I loved it and was constantly recommending that others do the same. I haven’t used one in years though. Maybe it’s time to consider it.

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