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My Dear Friend Jo

A deleted WhatsApp message refreshed our friendship!

My friend Jo did not know which Julie it was. She told me later she was sending a message to another friend called Julie and realised she had sent it to me by mistake and deleted it, quickly.

Well, that was how our one hour conversation started when she phoned later.

I met Jo for the first time a couple of years ago at a seminar. I had watched her on a local Television program and thought what a dynamic lady she was.

Jo was one of the leaders at the seminar.

At the end of the meeting, on the windy morning, she saw me off. It gave us the opportunity to stand outside and enjoy the breeze. We stood chatting for over an hour. We have a lot in common and conversed moving from topic to topic.

The phone conversation was just like the previous time we met. She indicated she had thought about me recently.

Our conversation went on and on and was like a junction with many turnings. We drew from each other, sharing ideas, topics and solutions.

That was a real treat and welcome reunion, for my morning, (although we were miles apart).


3 responses to “My Dear Friend Jo”

  1. Serendipity. How wonderful to rekindle a friendship that sounds so rich.

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  2. I’m with Lisa. Serendipity indeed. It’s amazing to me how this world has a way of bringing us what we need when we need it – whether or not we’re aware we do. Wonderful slice.

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  3. How nice to reconnect, glad you had this chance. 🙂


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