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My First Etheree: Zoom

My first etheree had to be simple. Interestingly, I noticed it sort of made sense reading it in reverse.


It is


Can be draining

When you have worked hard

In the morning with them

Instructing, interacting

On Wednesdays when we are all here

Joining break-out rooms expecting them

To participate in conversations


4 responses to “My First Etheree: Zoom”

  1. It does sound great in reverse, too! Oh, now there’s another poetic form I need to try…maybe next year’s SOLSC will be nothing but poems, each one a different style. And I feel the exhaustion of Zoom teaching in your lines…and feel it in my own Meets, too.

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  2. Fascinating, I will read about it and try. Thank you.

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  3. What a great slice idea, and a new structure to share! Zoom is such a perfect word for that first syllable. I’m sending you positive breakout room energy!

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  4. I love this form…and I will definitely play around with it myself. Thank you!!


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