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My Weekend in Five sentences

Who ever thought that a teacher’s work starts and ends in the school building?

Of course, this weekend was packed with work, I had a tall list to tackle.

On Saturday, my PD on Zoom was exceptional, I am loaded with tools and strategies to attack my planning and teaching of writing.

I came up with an excuse and ordered the best chicken and bacon salad in town.

After my daughter’s revision lesson, during pick-up, I was able to steal a masked chat outside with a couple of parents.


3 responses to “My Weekend in Five sentences”

  1. This is economical and insightful, you say so much with only a few sentences.

    “I came up with an excuse and ordered the best chicken and bacon salad in town.”

    This sounds amazing. You must do me a favour and go for Ivorian chicken at the plastic chairs and grill behind the Shoprite Osu. It’s my own version of the best chicken in town. 😉

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  2. It sounds like a busy, yet productive weekend. Also, I would like to echo the comment above- how concise of you to wrap up an entire weekend like that. I will have to try it myself next weekend!

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  3. The answer is NO. We teachers never, ever, truly leave our work anywhere. I tell my students that I am always, always, always carrying them with me in one way or another. I’ll see something, or read something, or experience something, and I’ll think of how I could teach it or share it. As for your PD on teaching writing, I hope you’ll share some of your adventures as you incorporate your learning!

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