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Students: Problem Solvers

During a lesson this week, we encouraged students to help us with a new technology tool we knew would help us publish and celebrate the end of our unit. What transpired motivated students and gave them so much ownership.

At the end of the day, when we asked what the best part of their day was, the students enthusiastically shared that lesson, when they were the problem solvers.

These experiences, are teaching us many things and I have a long list of the learning that I believe happened:

That nobody knows it all.

We are finding solutions together and can rely on each other’s expertise.

We should not be complacent and use only the tools we are familiar with.

There is strength is collaborating, using the know how that individuals in the room have.

That we are working as a team.

Listening to each other’s ideas.

Trying things out in different ways: when we did that we realised the first and second methods did not work, we tried a different way.

About patience, reliance, humility and trust.

In the physically distanced room, it felt like a community, the quote “It takes a village to raise a child,” came to mind.

The students were being exposed to a life-long and authentic experience which should be transferable and motivating.


2 responses to “Students: Problem Solvers”

  1. This sounds absolutely amazing. I love it when teachers like you give kids the opportunities they need to collaborate through challenges and difficulties. If only we could do the same for so many ADULTS in this world…

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  2. These experiences are the best and will serve these children well beyond their time in your classroom. It certainly does take a resilient village!

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