Words are Gifts



the putter of rain

changed the atmosphere

both inside and out


the din of rain

made me move

rushing outside to the lines


he shouted to remind me

of the laundry hanging outside

soaking the large drops of tropical rain


I yelled back to confirm

I was on my way

to the backyard, basket in hand


I sang to myself whilst

plucking the pegs hurriedly

off the bedsheets and pillow cases.

5 responses to “Loudly”

  1. This slice is poetic and musical. I love the repetition and use of loudly to create the tension of the moment. Your ending, a quiet song of taking down the laundry, is unexpected and soothing. Way to go in capturing the mundane in some a marvelous way!

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  2. Love the repetition of loudly- helps me “hear” the poem so LOUD and clear!

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  3. I love your poem, Juliette. I wrote about the rain today, too. I love the sounds and pictures created by your words. It seems as though the rain is everywhere today.

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  4. Leigh Anne Eck Avatar
    Leigh Anne Eck

    Beautiful poemy slice! I love the smell of laundry off the clothesline! I hope the rain didn’t cause you too much more work.

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  5. I loved your poem slice! Thanks for sharing!

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