The Rainy Season is Here

During the rainy season all the plants bloom, become lush as one’s garden tends to look like a tropical forest.

My visit to R’s garden yesterday was another delight. Every visit unearth’s gifts. Plants that I have not particularly noticed before. I have the pleasure of enjoying the plants and leaving them there. It reminds me of how we sometimes enjoy other people’s babies.

Calathea Roseoptica

Yesterday I was drawn to plants with coloured or patterned leaves. As I looked through my photographs I noticed I had been attracted to plants with decorated leaves.

The rains during the rainy season are strong and fall in drapes. The rains are always refreshing as they soak up the heat. We wake with a cool breeze and fresh earthy smells. We’d rather that, than the hazy morning sunshine that is sometimes so scorching you forget the time of day it is.

So during this season as the plants are gratified so are we.


4 thoughts on “The Rainy Season is Here

  1. I enjoyed your description of the rainy season. I’ve never experienced it, so it was delightful to hear about it from an emotional point of view, rather than as a statistical weather report.

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