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School Day

I am trying out different forms of poetry, so today I wrote a Tercet, on a Monday that feels like Friday.

Monday so trying

Eyes of teachers prying

What will we achieve by striving?

In future I can add more stanzas to this Tercet.


5 responses to “School Day”

  1. I feel every ounce of this tercet! I have really enjoyed trying my hand at poetry this month. Thanks for inspiring to try a new style.

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  2. So great that you have a plan to grow this poem!

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  3. Great playing with words. I love the question of what will we achieve by striving. That’s a question that warrants repeating!

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  4. I love reading your poetry. I also enjoy trying to write in different forms of poetry. This is a great tercet. I feel this. Mondays are so hard this year.

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  5. This is a GREAT one. One that I also think your students could really identify with, as well! As for the Mondays that feel like Fridays, yes. So many days this year and last have felt like OTHER days. I still wonder why we do that…?

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