Words are Gifts

Life -Long Friends

I wonder why

these friendships

seem like a dream

a welcome dream

that stretches far

beyond the sleep

The inner joy

they emanate

just like ripples

in the sea

they reach out

further into the horizon

Time- long gone

But the ripples go

beyond our imagination

so soothing and enchanting

These friendships, I’ve caught

Are more precious than gold.

My dear friend came to visit.

We first met in 1978, parted in 1983, reunited in 1986, reconnected in 2013 and now we meet again in 2021.

Good friendships never fade.

There is so much yardage between us, yards of memory, experiences and stories. Although some slightly faded, the rags left are still very special. With everything happening around us, these rendez-vous are even more special.

One of the blessings of life; good friendships.

6 responses to “Life -Long Friends”

  1. Juliette, I loved this poetic tribute to the timelessness of true friendship. The rags as a metaphor took me right into the corner where unfurling them reconnects us with good friends once again. So grateful for your writing and especially your friendship, can’t wait for our next rendezvous!

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  2. THIS is a lovely tribute to the power of friendship to endure and connect. It is also a reminder that we will be able to pick up where we left off – pre pandemic!

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  3. How wonderful! Special friendships are so important. I am glad you will be reunited again!

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  4. There is something special about lifelong friends. No matter how much time separates meetings we always pick up just where we left off. Glad you reconnected.

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  5. Juliette, I love your poem. The sentiment about friendships that last a long time despite separations and distances is lovely; you express it so well in this piece.

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  6. What a lovely tribute to friendship and to the changing contours over time and space.

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