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Still Writing

Yes I’ve been writing.

I tried to keep up this practice of writing daily since we last met. It has been quite challenging sometimes, especially at the beginning of the school year when it was ‘all change’. A new grade level, new school building, new work routine and so much to learn about my students (the ones I believed I knew so well as I looped with most of them from fourth to fifth grade).

Yes, writing with my TeachWrite friends with goals and check-ins kept me on my toes a few times a week. It’s great having a tribe of writers who also want to achieve what you are striving for.

I continue to write many days of the week for my #100 days of note booking. I know I’m behind but I write when I can. I have two note books, one I normally keep at school and the other I leave on my desk at home. I write with my students, on Mondays we write about our weekend. I steal the opportunity to partake in the writing my students are taught and assigned to complete, that really is great, we are learning together.

I took on delivering a Journalling workshop, as my after school activity. I must confess, I selected it for me, so to indulge in writing with my second to fifth grade writers who are as passionate as I am. These students had an enticing selection of activities to choose from but they decided to come and write. They impress me every Tuesday afternoon as they spend 90% of the time writing. Our Quick-writes about the day at school are a hit as they are timed. After our precious ten minutes they ask for more time to write. We stretch it till the other writing experiences beckon.

I have two or three projects going. My goal is to finish the draft of the shorter one. I drift in and out of writing. Yes I am writing, I convince myself. I sometimes think more about this particular project than write it. I guess that is good too. The ideas are brewing and hopefully I’ll be done with it soon.

This month I will slice about my daily wows and more. I’m going to be open to different genres so I can stick with it. It’s exciting as I’m looking forward to reading pieces from my friends pieces again.

4 responses to “Still Writing”

  1. Leigh Anne Eck Avatar
    Leigh Anne Eck

    “I drift in and out of writing.” Those words describe me so well! It is so nice to see writing teachers write with their students. I am always amazed at how many teachers do not do that. Your journaling workshop sounds like a lot of fun! I am so glad that we have met through Teach Write, and I look forward to reading your words this month.

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  2. Anita Ferreri Avatar
    Anita Ferreri

    Well you certainly have been busy with diverse writing this year. While I have led after school writing groups, I am not even close to you in terms of writing volume. I do, however, like your idea of trying out new genre during this month long challenge.

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  3. I love hearing about your writing after school program- I may start up a recess club soon again to get some slicing for April and would love any tips.

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  4. Yay J! So glad to see you here again. 🙂

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