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My Five Minute Story

We gave each other five minutes to write a Flash Fiction, of a classic story. I read about this idea from a post by the Two Writing Teachers. Writing with my small group of students who had also selected their own classic stories. We wrote.

Here’s a slightly revised version of my story. Of course there was no time to complete it.

She ran fast towards the cottage. Hoping a saviour would appear to open the door for her. She had one slipper on. Just the one shiny slipper. Hopping on her bare foot towards the worn wooden door, her trembling hand tapped on the door, loudly.

Panting heavily, she hoped that someone would open the door quickly, so she could dash in to hide in her dingy room. She needed that space, after the embarrassing encounter with the prince.

Suddenly, her grumpy stepmother appeared, looking rather untidy. Her lipstick smudged all over her wrinkled face. She prised the door open, glanced at Cinderella with her bulging, heavily made up eyes and of course she did not like the sight of ‘that’ girl. Her reaction showed her disgust. She said nothing, her twisted lips ready to bark! Before she could utter a word the hopper was gone. Escaped to her den, the half-room behind the kitchen.

Her step mother wondered why this annoying girl was back home so early? Had she tripped and lost her slipper? Was she being chased? She had may questions circling through her head, but did not even want to speak to ‘that’ girl. She was exhausted after dressing up her two adorable daughters for the grande ball. Of course they must be busy dancing with the prince, she thought.

Before she could turn towards the hallway, she heard loud sobbing sounds coming from the direction of Cinderella’s room. She pursed her lips made a face and went back to the lounge to wait for her ‘lovely’ daughters.

I”m still not sure how I would have ended my story, if I had the time. I was very impressed by the versions and parts of the chosen stories my small group coined. They shared their renditions proudly, reading aloud to the group. I’m sure if we have the time later we can all revise and complete our stories. This was a great writing activity.

Given the space and the time students can be truly creative.

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  1. This is so descriptive, and well written! I really found myself wanting to know what comes next – there’s never enough time to finish. Grateful to be here with you J, can’t wait to read more of your gifts. 🙂

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