Old Times and New

Like old times we attended a Thanksgiving service and Remembrance event for a young, family friend. Like new times we had our flamboyant masks firmly fixed on our faces.`

Like old times we sat in pews, listening to the amazing voices of the youthful choir. Like new times the whiff of hand sanitizer filled the air.

Like old times there was a reception after the service, colourful food, traditional music and dancing. Like new times we did not know what to expect when the service was over.

Like old times it was family and friends as usual. Like new times there was a bit of social distancing, ending up with louder conversations across tables.

The new times and old are slowly merging together, as our lives gently get back to ‘normal’ . We continue to thread carefully and be cautious of the unknown.

Still grateful for the small changes.

4 thoughts on “Old Times and New

  1. How well you capture the “new times and old slowly merging together.” I’ve been thinking along these same lines… the organization of like old times/like new times is so poetic and such a lovely way to capture the celebration. And that focus on gratitude – ever important!


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