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My Soothing Visits

Once or twice a week, after a hard day’s work, I seek my brief respite at my sister’s commercial garden. Coincidentally, it’s only a five minute walk from my school, as fate would have it, in this vast city, this is where the garden surfaced.

What this visit sheds on me, I cannot describe with words. On every visit the plants would have transformed growing lusher and lusher. Her comment is the attention the plants receive.

I know the corners of the garden well. I can tell when plants disappear or appear. It’s really interesting. I once thought of the corners of the garden as if they were stories. Just like stories that are modified all the time. During each visit, I can write a different story about the same corner of the garden. The plants grow, find another home or just blossom.

I have written before about my struggle with keeping plants healthy. I need to spend enough time to learn what plants need (the tricks of the trade).

What I do well with is, taking photographs and just enjoying the ambience that emanates peace and quiet, as the variety of tropical plants whisper mellow words to me.

This garden is in a slightly built up area and actually appears as a surprise to many who dare to venture in. I guess it’s not only a surprise to people but to the colourful butterflies that have found a home. Nature can be truly enchanting when nurtured.

4 responses to “My Soothing Visits”

  1. I was soothed while reading your description. Your sister’s garden sounds like the perfect escape even if only for a short visit.

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  2. Leigh Anne Eck Avatar
    Leigh Anne Eck

    This sounds like a lovely spot. I am ready to plant and watch things grow! Nature certainly soothes the soul.

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  3. You describe it well, how your sister knows how to give the plants the attention they need: “On every visit the plants would have transformed growing lusher and lusher. Her comment is the attention the plants receive.” How lucky you are to have this retreat so close by, this place to be soothed.

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  4. I just visited her garden together with you J, thanks for the vivid and restorative share. 🙂

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