Reading Our Environment

This spider caught my eye.

The beautifully crafted, ornate spider.

I followed it and visited a STEM classroom where it was designed and manufactured. My teacher colleague demonstrated what the spider actually does and shared the different lessons that were taught as part of the process of crafting this beautiful spider.

I was intrigued, by the LED diodes eyes, the different parts, the copper strips the switch and the place the battery sits. There was a circuit within this Art piece. Just amazing. Our hallway is strewn with the spiders…taking over our school!!!

Of course the daylight and the place they are displayed does not make it possible for this exposé, but I was served with this because I inquired and followed my curiosity. The attraction actually led me to the STEM room.

This is a slice I needed to write, as it opened my eyes to what we can learn if we ask questions and read our environment.

Photographs shared with permission.

4 thoughts on “Reading Our Environment

  1. That’s actually a Paper Circuits Spider template from We’ve had that on our website as a free download for years. It’s a simple paper circuits project, not something that needs programming, but really a light up art project. We’re glad to see people still using it classrooms!

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