Stepping out clumsily towards the line

Walking briskly with friends

Stamping heavily to the playground

Jumping happily as the ball bounced

Running hastily with a lunch bag in hand

Stepping boldly after the meal

Strolling casually as her friend waits

Galloping excitedly to the four-square game

Dodging carefully as the ball is thrown

Standing alertly as the ball passes the line

The playground teemed with activity

I watched carefully, noticing the different movements around me.

On duty this afternoon, aiming to conjure a slice, I saw legs many pairs of legs. They moved in different ways. I told myself that will make an interesting slice. So that is how the idea of the poem came about.

5 thoughts on “Lunchtime

  1. I love this poem, the way you bring together all of the activity. You’re right – recess is just a blur of bodies and legs and noise. You’ve captured it all so beautifully here. Great poem!

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