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My Blue T-Shirt

My slice today is a reply to Comfy Clothing. The slice reminded me of my ‘faithful’ blue T-shirt.

My blue T-shirt started it’s life at a factory somewhere in Asia, a well finished, good quality cotton T-shirt found it’s way to A’s mini-factory. Where they (all sizes) were personalized for our dear friend N’s party as she was leaving to teach in Indonesia.

At the goodbye party six years ago, all her friends were presented with a T-shirt. Inscribed in large silver shimmery letters, in front was Jakarta here I come and the back had N‘s name. As I was away at the time my extra large sized T-shirt was presented to my sister. I later found out why I was given an extra large one. It was one of the only ones left.

I was handed my T-shirt on my return and kept it folded and never touched it for a couple of years. I knew I could not wear it out of the house as it had those bold shimmery words and the name at the back. One desperate night, I decided to wear it to bed. the cotton felt smooth and light against my skin. It turned out to be the perfect night dress, after all it was baggy and long enough.

My friend N is back home after a five year period, my dear T-shirt still sturdy, has not faded one bit, but looks slightly unrecognizable. There are no shimmery words but the letters left after the crunchy, silver lettering had curled up and peeled off. After many washes and ironing it still wears well as a night dress.

It seems I can get many more years wear out of it and still tell this same story with some addition.

5 responses to “My Blue T-Shirt”

  1. I can relate to taking street clothes and turning them into pajamas. I do this w/ knit shorts and soft t-shirts. Sometimes the seams on pajamas hurt my legs, so I wear them turned inside out.

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  2. I really like this description – “the letters left after the crunchy, silver lettering had curled up and peeled off”. I can tell from your passages that this is an important and valued shirt for your daily decompression. Thanks for sharing J! 🙂

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  3. This “It seems I can get many more years wear out of it and still tell this same story with some addition.” Don’t we tell the same stories again and again? Just with some revision? I love that and it makes me think of the family stories told over and over again….do we still tell them? It is indeed an art and I am now wondering if my kids have all the family stories they need to connect them to their history. Thanks for slicing.

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  4. I love those old faithful articles of clothing. I have a t-shirt with its letters worn away that I still wear at home for the happy memories- no fast fashion for me!

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  5. Leigh Anne Eck Avatar
    Leigh Anne Eck

    This post is not only about the t-shirt, but the power of story. It would be interesting to hear the additions as you continue to wear and enjoy your shirt.

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