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Book Club Galore

Preparing for the book clubs that fill my life, I keep thinking how different they are.

I will share them briefly.

Book Club 1: A professional group, this is a slow read, two chapters at a time and with many months interval, before the next meeting. Gives us time to percolate and apply the discussion points and the big ideas of the chapters. As the chapters are titled, it is easy enough to start reading with the main idea in mind. That drives the discussion of the day, when we are given a few prompts as a guide. We were randomly selected for this club, all faculties and administrators are represented in each group, so we are a group of six, there are many such groups dotted around the school.

Book Club 2: The two sister members are family friends, they are part of the eight lady group of professionals most of them in the United Kingdom. We read a couple of chapters a week and meet weekly on Zoom. No prompts or questions but there is a host, she selects the book and is the moderator for the discussions. The conversations stray as far as they can go and come right back to the book. A very lively group, the book at the moment has many themes, discussions can get fiery and sometimes humorous. An exciting part of my week, a great mid-week intermission.

Book Club 3: Is starting today. A great book by a New York Times best selling author. We are starting today on Zoom, with colleague teachers, one in a different country. We are very organized as we have questions ahead of time. There is an interview with the author, an introduction to the book, which was sent to us by one of the members to listen to. Our plan is to meet weekly and to come prepared as we are only meeting for a short time.

These three are very different books and groups. I spend the rest of my free time reading making notes and preparing for the different clubs.

3 responses to “Book Club Galore”

  1. Oh, this sounds perfect. If you’re doing clubs over zoom maybe we can join forces! :0

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  2. There is nothing quite like the connections that readers and writers make when they talk about books and
    Writing pieces. In many cases, I believe, those who talk about the meaty issues of life with us know us better than our own friends and family. Those look like amazing titles. I may sneak a peak at them even knowing my book list is always growing. I’m in awe that you are in 3 clubs.

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  3. Galore, indeed! I actually have my virtual book club tonight. I love how you belong to three and how you learn from each one.

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