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My Collection of New Words

As I read slices this month, I’m collecting many words. Some of the words are totally new to me, others I have encountered once or twice and never attempted to use. As well as finding the definition of each of the words, I’m thinking about different ways I can incorporate the appropriate word in my daily writing. I have collected approximately one hundred words and counting…

A page of my collection

5 responses to “My Collection of New Words”

  1. I love that you are collecting words, and I also love that you read slices with a notebook. What a cool glimpse into you and your life as an SOL community member.

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  2. I love the idea of collecting words! A word that I collected last year and has really stuck with me is Kerfuffle.

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  3. I love this idea! I need to make a section for it in my notebook.

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  4. I love words. I love that you are collecting words from the slices you are reading. Thanks for sharing your pages.

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  5. Leigh Anne Eck Avatar
    Leigh Anne Eck

    This is such a wonderfully “word-nerdy” thing to do! I did this with the #100 days of notebooking the first year. It was a great way to build my vocabulary and a great model for students, too.

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