A Useful Resource

How timely it is when you are teaching a topic, and find out about an issue on the news that teaches exactly what you are trying to share with students. Our unit of inquiry at the moment is about innovation.

On the news this week, I found out about the winner of an Architecture’s highest honor that fits in perfectly with our inquiry. Students are also inventing an item and are charged to think about ways innovation impacts the development of societies. A connected line of inquiry is, ways in which innovation can change societies.

Presenting students with this Architectural genius was just the perfect way to share an authentic example. It is perfect because he comes from a country just above Ghana (where we are), so close. Some of his projects are in Burkina Faso, his home country, where the terrain is similar to Ghana.

As our students are being taken through the ‘design cycle’ by our STEAM teacher and are writing persuasive essays during writing workshop, about their innovation, sharing a real life innovator, who has won an award this month, is so timely.

Similar to going on a field trip, my students experienced some of the architect’s amazing structures around the world.

One thought on “A Useful Resource

  1. I love this post! I checked out Keré’s work in the article you linked to. WOW. Not only his design is innovative, but he has such an incredible view of this world. I’d be interested to know what your students thought!

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