Words are Gifts

That Morning Breeze

Warm breeze

Brushes my face

Like a full feather


Completely needed


In this warm climate.

Covers you like an

aura of mystery,

A never ending spray

of freshness,

Hits your ears as if

whispering sweet

nothings to you.

Keeps sharing

that freshness

seemingly cool

in this much

needed space,

filling the vehicle

with hope

To start the day!

Green Cane Palms, from my sister’s garden

5 responses to “That Morning Breeze”

  1. That feeling of a warm breeze, you described it so well. I hope you are someplace tropical right now, enjoy!

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  2. Your writing definitely makes the reader feel that nice breeze! Living vicariously through you as the weather is not the best here.

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  3. “A never ending spray/of freshness” I love this line as I imagine your rainy season.

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  4. This is so beautiful. I closed my eyes, let it dissipate, and then immediately read it again!

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  5. That warm breeze…feeling the vehicle with hope. YES! This poem, too, is like a warm breeze – brushing past me, bringing with it happiness and joy, and moving on past. Beautiful!

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