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My First!

Thanks so much Leigh Anne, for the invitation to this year’s slicer writing retreat. This will be my very first writing retreat. I have been craving one since I started writing seriously. My first slicer party and my first ever writing retreat.

And now here we are, “in a cabin tucked away in a world of lush green fields surrounded by beautiful flowers blooming under blue skies and perfect temperatures.” I will be travelling to this location. I will plan this journey, flights and all. I’m glad the weather will be warm, so I will not need to find extra warm clothes.

I will bring: 

Writing tools – Different colored of sharpie pens, many pencils and my sharpener. The tiny sharpener I travel will with everywhere, lodged in my cross-body bag. I am a pencil lady and read with a pencil in hand, that’s why I like to buy most of my books, as I annotate whilst reading. My steno note books are coming with me, that is where I brainstorm and think. I will bring a few as I am hoping to organise my thoughts and be productive. I have a couple of books I have that I will tuck into my bag, they are; 100 Ways to Improve Your Writing and Doodling for Writers. They were all recommended by my writing friends from Teachwrite. My Laptop will be with me for looking up synonyms, some research and publishing any pieces, but writing with paper and pen will be my first choice.

Food/beverage –  I guess as I write best through the night, so a jar of my Douwe Egberts coffee will have to be tucked in there somewhere. It’s sure to keep me up for the times I write best. As I am used to my local snacks I will bring a few packets of plantain chips, for my midnight feasts, whilst writing.

Quote – “Life is such a gentle, treasured thing. I learn about it every minute. I think about it so deeply,”
by Bessie Head, a writer I have discovered recently. This resonates with me so much, especially post -Covid and looking at the world around us. As we write, we are are learning and thinking about life and our lives now.

Thanks Leigh Anne for this opportunity to write with a focus. I’m glad I am getting to meet many writers for the first time! Maybe one day there will be a ‘real writing retreat,’ somewhere warm.

6 responses to “My First!”

  1. Sharpie pens and journals and a laptop in a mountain cabin with Douwe Egberts coffee in a cabin sounds amazing! I first had Douwe Egberts coffee in J. Henry’s Restaurant in Griffin, Georgia and remember locking eyes with my husband on our first taste. We were in love. Yes, with each other, but now also with this coffee. We called our server over to ask the brand and began buying it for a time. We need to start getting it again. Your retreat sounds fabulous. I have a vivid image
    – pajamas and fireplace and all!

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  2. I can’t wait to be on a writing retreat with you! I am not a coffee drinker, but DE coffee was big when I lived in Amsterdam, so it is nostalgic for me.

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  3. My writing project is planning a writing marathon next month that involves bicycling to area wineries while writing. I can’t wait!

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  4. I’d love to take a peek at the books you’re bringing as those are new to me and I might have to get them after I’m back home from our retreat! I love our imaginary retreat–and wouldn’t it be so amazing to have a real-life Slicer retreat? Who are our event planner Slicers? I hope they’ll get right planning this event!!

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  5. I am so glad you are joining us, and I know you will enjoy our weather! No rainy season for us. I am intrigued by the quote and will be looking up Bessie Head and 100 Ways to Improve Your Writing — I must have missed the discussion on that one!

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  6. The tiny sharpener I travel will with everywhere, lodged in my cross-body bag. I am a pencil lady and read with a pencil in hand, that’s why I like to buy most of my books, as I annotate whilst reading. I can see you with pencil in hand J!

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