Words are Gifts


Like a plain sheet

It is nestled here

In its perfection

I wake up to it

In the middle of the night

It commands a surge of


Supplies time to think

It’s intent is just to be



An opportunity to be

Just be

Enveloped in this hushed space.

During the March slice of life challenge, I collected many words from slicers, words I have never used in my writing. I vowed to use them frequently and today I have been able to dot some of them around, here in my poem about silence.

7 responses to “Silence”

  1. What a great and creative idea!

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  2. Oh, beautiful silence! Your form matches the clarity of this “time to think” and

    “ opportunity to be

    Just be”

    Lovely poetry, Juliette. Today I used the fib poem structure you had introduced to me in March. I cannot thank you enough for the inspiration.

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  3. Collecting words from other people is a powerful strategy, and YES! to the importance of silence.

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  4. Your poem is an ode to mindfulness. Beautiful!

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  5. I love the idea of being a word collector during the challenge. Kevin Hodgson often lifts a line from several Slicers’ poems and then fuses them together. Perhaps the two of you should chat!

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    1. Thank you Stacey. I’m sure I’ll find him here soon.

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  6. Silence nestled in perfection – beautiful! I love how you are using the words you collected. This is a great lesson for our students too – ways to go back and use your notebook!

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