That Spark

I listened to a webinar that completely helped me rethink my story. This short story I crafted in 2020, but felt there was something else it needed to achieve that spark. What I heard was useful and relevant, the kind that interestingly felt like feedback on the work I had done so far.

It made me acknowledge the benefit of feedback and also how being a writer can influence the way I teach and provide feedback to my students.

The webinar has sent me off in a very productive direction. More like a critique partner it has me back on the drawing board, revising and tweaking my story in a way that will be accessible to a wider audience.

6 thoughts on “That Spark

  1. Thanks for answering Tammy’s question. That was what I wanted to know, too. Amazing how just the write/right words can have such a powerful effect. Good luck with revision!


  2. Isn’t it fun when we can learn from a distance. I am a fan of online pd and always am grateful for the takeaways that I can action right away. Congratulations on taking up the challenge.

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  3. I love the idea that as we grow and change, we can rethink and revisit our past work in ways that strengthen us as writers and humans. Thank you for this post!

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