Words are Gifts

The Old Cupboard Key

Rusty, old cupboard key

Opens where memories are kept

Mama’s dusty jewels

Packed in tiny boxes

Tiny, old cupboard key

Holds many treasures

treasures collected for years

Mama’s dusty jewels

Packed in tiny boxes

Twisted, old cupboard key

Leads us to many stories

to those jewels, gold and silver

Mama’s dusty jewels

Packed in tiny boxes

Lonely cupboard key

held by a metal ring

that leads us to

Mama’s dusty jewels

Packed in tiny boxes.

At Teach Write Academy, we were honored to have an online experience of poetry with Kate Moore, using a few activities from her book Alphapoetica. This is a poem I crafted from the word KEY!

That cupboard in my parents room held many treasures. I wrote this with a structure I felt would work.

4 responses to “The Old Cupboard Key”

  1. I love what you created here, esp. the repetition and imagery.

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  2. Juliette, I love the repetition in your poem. I love the key did not just open up the treasures but the memories, too. It was great writing poetry with you last night.

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  3. And work the structure does, Juliette. And as Heather said, the repetition with a twist is perfect. What a wonderful evening it was.

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  4. I could imagine the scene . Well written.

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