Words are Gifts

Mining for More

What would you like to know about your teacher?

Where do you live?

How long have you been teaching here?

What is your hobby?

Where is your favorite holiday destination?

How old are you Ms. Juliette?

S pulled a question out of the cup, for our fifteen minute closing circle. With the talking stick in hand each student asked their question (samples above) and waited for an answer.

When I mentioned where I live , F asked if that is where the park is? The students were very curious they could not wait for their turn to ask a question .

When a student asked how long I have been teaching at the school? Most of the students seemed surprised. I heard a whinny,

“I was not born then.”

I looked up and saw P’s eyes, his look gave his feelings away. The students moved from their spots on the carpet, closer to me. They wanted to hear more. I wish I had told them more about myself earlier.

On the other hand, I seem to know a lot about them, as the weekly stories about their weekends either written or narrated has given me puzzle pieces to put together. I also know more about my students, through parents and the first five weeks when we worked on the introductory activities.

I guess it’s time to give them a chance to answer our questions (only if they want to).

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  1. A wonderful interaction. Thank you for sharing.

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