Words are Gifts

Our One in a Million Collection (Part 1)

My friend L and I have had this shared collection for about five years. We have over two hundred photographs of the cars with random words of phrases. Some in English others in local languages. Today I’m sharing three of the texts written in Twi, which is one of the fifty languages in Ghana. There’s always been a trend of public transport mini-buses and taxis having a message in a word or two on their rear windscreen.

Translation: On somebody’s land

In 2007 I started this collection for my son, he was only seven years old and to help him read, I would read the words and phrases on the cars so he would sound them out , repeating them. We had a thirty minute drive to school every morning and there was a lot of traffic. I read and memorised the words so I could write them down when we got to school. He helped me remember them. I had a book full of these words and phrases.

Translation: Hard work or helpfulness

A few years ago, I travelled with my mate L and realised she was very interested in my collection. Since then she sends me photos and I do the same. Our plan is to have an exhibition of the many photos we have taken.

Translation: Lord forgive them

In the second part, I will be sharing snippets of my collection under a different theme.

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