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Nuggets From my Bookclub

I like the fact that book clubs can be constructed differently. I am amassing so many nuggets from my bookclub that I have made it an integral part of my life.

This evening, as our book (We should all be Feminists by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie) , has a few pages and an intense topic, we really tore all the words and phrases apart and delved deeply into the various themes that were shared.

There was a consensus about how we conduct ourselves and craft lifestyles. All the topics brought so much learning that was really important to our being.

I actually ended up deciding on a social action I hope to take, that will benefit many.

The beauty of this international bookclub on Zoom is that, we have no questions or script to guide us, just the person whose choice of the book we are reading at the time, leads.

The flexibility makes it truly authentic, delivering us with so much learning, to carry with us.

11 responses to “Nuggets From my Bookclub”

  1. Sounds like a really intriguing book club with great discussions! How did you come across the book club, as you mentioned it was international.

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    1. My friends in London (U.K), invited me to join the book club.

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  2. My comment was going to mirror Aggie’s. The book sounds really powerful I love that kind of learning and thinking.

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  3. Book clubs that meet online are truly amazing. I have one that’s almost the same except we have one moderator and everyone takes turns speaking.
    Is there any space in yours? I’d love to listen to new perspectives and diversify my reading.

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    1. I’ll find out from the ladies and keep you posted.

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      1. Please do! Thanks.

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  4. What an amazing opportunity to not only talk about books but let them also call for action.

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  5. Bravo to this book club! I love that you have a social action to pursue as a result of this. My book club went dormant about a year ago, but this slice is encouraging me to join one again.

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  6. Love this book club!

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  7. Leigh Anne Eck Avatar
    Leigh Anne Eck

    This is what reading is all about – a shared experience! It’s been awhile since I have done a book club with adults. I think I need to fix that.

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  8. This sounds like an ideal book club. I’ve never been part of one yet, but I would love to. Yours sounds very rewarding.

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